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Our affiliate marketing program is our exclusive invitation-only program for our partners, loyal customers and friends who appreciate and support our brand. When referring our products, our partners are rewarded with product commissions that are higher than the industry average.

If you want to sell our frames, wheelsets and carbon fiber products safely and securely, the best way to do it is to go through our program, generate your unique link and our advanced affiliate marketing system will track every click and purchase in detail, without missing any data. You can promote our products without limits, either on your website, on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Quora, Reddit and any other channel you feel appropriate.

Join our program and start promoting our products, you can freely download product images and logos from our website, use text and videos from our website. You only need to think about how to get more traffic and conversions, leave the sales and after-sales to us.

Why Join Rinasclta Affiliate Program?

  • Invited only, which means we already know each other with trust.
  • 8% Discount for all items
  • Earn 5-10% Commissions per sale.
  • Average sale amount is USD 500 (means you get USD 25-50 commission per sale, at least).
  • Average frame price is USD 700  (means you get USD 35-70 commission per sale, at least).
  • High Conversation Rates, high targeted audiences.
  • We offer 2 years warranty for all of our high quality products

What We Offer In Our Program?

  • Global shipping
  • High quality images and contents
  • Large range of products to choose and promote
  • Fast response team
  • Coupon based tracking link with one page checkout design, high conversation optimized landing pages
  • Chance to get higher commission rate when you get more sales

How to Join Our Program?

Register as an affiliate member with your preferable coupon code. We will approve manually in one working day.

Who Can Join our Program?

You need to meet at least one of the requirements below

  1. You own and run an active cycling related blog
  2. You are an author on well-known cycling blogs or websites
  3. You own and run a cycling related YouTube channel, 5K followers at least or 5K views per video at least.
  4. You own and run a cycling related Instagram account, 1K followers at least.
  5. You own and run a cycling related TikTok account, 5K followers at least.
  6. You own and run a cycling related Facebook group/page, 1K members at least.
  7. Digital marker, you know how to run SEO/SEM/Growth Hacking campaigns.


1.How to get a higher commission rate?

It depends on how many sales you generate. For details please contact us.

2. Do I need to use your product to promote?

If you run PPC ads, you don’t need to have our product, but if you are running a YouTube channel or video-based content channel, then we suggest you to test and try our products first, you can also apply the coupon in your own order.

3.Who can use the coupon and how many times can be used?

Anyone can use the coupon including yourself, you can use it multiple times, but only one coupon per order, can not be used along with other coupons.

4.What can I do if I don’t like the long referral link?

You can use our “short url” feature, or generate a shorter link via

5.How is the affiliate link working?

Your affiliate link comes with a 30 days tracking cookie, anyone who purchases within 30 days after clicking your link will be credited to your commission. After 30 days if he uses the coupon code, it still counts as your commission, but it will not appear in your report, we will need to manually check the usage of your coupon, so make sure your audience clicks the link, which will be easier to track your sales.

6.When and How I will get paid

We pay via PayPal, Bank Transfer or Bitcon. When the order is marked as complete in our system, the commission will be paid at the end of each month.