Beginner Triathlon Training: The Complete Guide (2019)

Beginner Triathlon Training: The Complete Guide (2019) New to triathlon? Here's everything you need to know.Triathlon consist of three individual sports: swimming, cycling, and running. Done one after the other, triathlon is one of the world's most challenging sports.You may be wondering if you're swimming, cycling, and running how long are you performing each discipline for? The standard (Olympic) distance for a triathlon is a 1,500m swim, a 40km bike, and finishing with a 10km run.If you're up for a real challenge, there is also the Ironman distance consisting of a 3,800m swim, 180km bike ride, and then a 42.2…


Purchasing Wholesale Bikes From China: The Ultimate Guide

Purchasing Wholesale Bikes From China: The Ultimate Guide If you run a bike shop or a bike brand locally, you may want to buy wholesale bikes directly from China. Why? Cheaper, easier to customize your brand and more options than local wholesalers. As an OEM carbon fiber bike manufacturer in China for over 8 years, we are going to show you everything you need to know about purchasing bikes from China. With no BS, let's dive right in. # Wholesale Bikes from China The reason you may want to buy bikes directly from wholesale maybe differ, but below would be…

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Fixed Gear Bike VS. Single-Speed Bike: The Ultimate Guide (2019 New)

Fixed Gear Bike VS. Single-Speed Bike: The Ultimate Guide (2019 New) To help you choose between fixed-gear and a single-speed bike, we have created the ultimate guide to choosing which bike is best for you! # Fixie Bikes (fixed-gear bikes) Below we will provide all the information on a fixed-gear bike, helping you choose if a fixed-gear bike is right for you. 1. What is a fixie bike? A fixed-gear bike, (also known as a fixie) contains a drivetrain with no freewheel mechanism. A fixie bike is known for having a fixed-gear system. On the cog of a fixed-gear bike,…


Bicycle handlebars: The Only Guide You Need (2019)

Bicycle Handlebars: The Only Guide You need (2019) To help you choose which handlebars are right for your bike, we’ve gathered together all the information you could possibly need on bicycle handlebars. So sit back (don’t pedal), and enjoy! # Road Bike handlebars There are three main components which connect you to your bike: these are pedals, saddle and your handlebars. The majority of cyclists spend great deals of time choosing the other two and often forgetting how important handlebars are. Below we will discuss some of the different kinds of handlebars, regardless of your bike. 1. Road bike handlebar…


The Complete Guide To Choose Carbon Fiber Wheels

The Complete Guide To Choose Carbon Fiber Wheels With all the pros riding around with fancy carbon fiber wheels, we’ve gathered together a complete guide to choosing your very own set of wheels, just to match the pros.Let's dive right in. # Road Bike Carbon Wheelset There are many different types of carbon road bike wheelsets. These different carbon wheelsets are all lightweight, durable and with the main focus of speed. Below we will cover in further detail the different kinds of road bike carbon wheelsets. 650c Carbon Wheelset The majority of road bike wheels are either 650c or 700c,…


Factory Guide: How to choose a Chinese carbon bike online without wasting money

Factory Guide: How to Choose a Chinese Carbon Bike Online Without Wasting Money There are many different factories in China who produce carbon fiber bikes, some of which sell genuine bikes and others who construct counterfeit models. It is important to be able to tell the difference between a counterfeit bike and a genuine one, not only will you get your money’s worth, but counterfeit bikes can also be very dangerous with the potential to result in a nasty, and even fatal crash.We have gathered together a list of tests to ensure you are purchasing a genuine Chinese carbon bike,…


44 Facts of Carbon fiber Bike: The Beginners’ Complete Checklist (2019)

44 Facts of Carbon Fiber Bike: The Beginners' Complete Checklist (2019) There are always a lot of questions for beginners who have problems with choosing the right carbon fiber bike, such as price, brand, size, material, daily care and so on.In today’s complete guide, we list 44 facts of carbon fiber bikes that everything you need to know about carbon fiber bikes.Let’s dive right in, one by one. Download this checklist and check these 44 facts before you buy your own first carbon fiber bike. Carbon fiber material 1. What is carbon fiber? Carbon fiber is a material consisting of…


Bike Size Chart: The Definitive Guide for Choosing Your Bike Size (2019)

Bike Size Chart: The Definitive Guide for Choosing Your Bike Size (2019) Purchasing a bike online is becoming increasingly popular, with fewer bikes bought in-store every day. This, however, makes choosing your bike size increasingly important as you cannot try bikes for size as you can in store. This article will breakdown everything you need to know about bike size chart, then you can choose the perfect sized bike to spin your 2019 in the right direction. Here are details insight from our bike size chart infographic. 1. What is my bike size? Finding your ideal bike size is essential…