Mountain bike

Mountain bike: what is it, how to select and maintain

Mountain biking has surged in popularity across North America, Europe, and Australia, where diverse landscapes offer ideal terrains for this adventurous sport. Leading brands like Trek, Specialized, and Giant dominate the market, offering models crafted from durable materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum, designed to tackle the rigorous demands of off-road trails. These brands […]

Road bike

Road bike: what is it, how to select and maintain

Road biking enjoys immense popularity globally, especially in Europe, North America, and Australia, where enthusiasts and professionals embrace it for fitness, commuting, and competitive racing. Among the top brands that stand out for their quality and innovation are Trek, Specialized, and Giant, offering models that range from entry-level to professional, crafted from advanced materials like […]

22 Types of bikes

22 Types of bikes: how do they vary and how to choose

The types of bikes that dominate today’s market—road bikes, mountain bikes (MTBs), hybrid bikes, electric bikes (e-bikes), and gravel/adventure bikes—reflect a blend of performance, versatility, and technological advancement. These bike types not only cater to a broad spectrum of cycling preferences on different terrains and conditions, but also highlight the industry’s response to growing demands […]

Bike brands list

Bike brands list: A to Z, by continents, countries and categories

The bicycle’s inception traces back to the early 19th century as a simple wooden frame without pedals, evolving into pedal-driven versions later in the century; similarly, bike brands began as small workshops, growing into globally recognized names as the bicycle’s popularity surged, reflecting the innovation and diversification of cycling over the years. Our guide to […]

Bike materials

Bike materials: common types, how to choose and how materials performance

Bike materials play a crucial role in determining bicycle performance, durability, and cost, with the most common types including aluminum, steel, chromoly steel, titanium, and carbon fiber. These materials are selected based on their unique properties to suit different cycling disciplines, from lightweight carbon fiber frames favored in professional road racing to durable chromoly steel […]

Bike manufacturing

Bike manufacturing: What is it, process, cost, major countries and regions

Bicycle manufacturing is a specialized segment of the broader manufacturing industry, where the relationship is defined by the application of specific labor, machinery, tools, and material processing techniques to transform raw materials into functional and often innovative bicycles. This sector of the bicycle industry is a dynamic component of the global market, relying on advanced […]