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Fixie bike vs Single-speed bike Guide

Fixed Gear Bike VS. Single-Speed Bike: The Ultimate Guide (2019 New)

To help you choose between fixed-gear and a single-speed bike, we have created the ultimate guide to choosing which bike is best for you! Table of Contents # Fixie Bikes (fixed-gear bikes) Below we will provide all the information on a fixed-gear bike, helping you choose if a fixed-gear bike is right for you. 1. […]

Carbon Fiber Bike checklist feature

44 Facts of Carbon fiber Bike: The Beginners’ Complete Checklist (2019)

There are always a lot of questions for beginners who have problems with choosing the right carbon fiber bike, such as price, brand, size, material, daily care and so on. In today’s complete guide, we list 44 facts of carbon fiber bikes that everything you need to know about carbon fiber bikes. Let’s dive right […]