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Carbon mountain bike fork

We offer 27.5er, 27.5er Plus, and 29er forks, quick release, and axel thru versions are all available. But forks today and we will ship with free quick release.

Carbon fat bike fork

We offer 4 different types of carbon fat bike forks in stock. Choose the shape and finish you like, we will ship to you in 1 day with our global shipping courier and tax-free service.


What is a bicycle fork?

A bicycle fork is a part on a bike than holds the front wheels, frame head tube, stem, and handlebar. Typically a bike fork is made with two blades which are jointed at the top to connect with frame.

What are the best mountain bike forks?

Here we list 5 best mountain bike forks in 2019
1.RockShox 30 Gold TK Poploc Remote Right Solo 100mm Air Fork
2.RockShox Recon TK Solo Air 100 Suspension Bicycle Fork
3.RST Capa-T Suspension Fork
4.Rinasclta 29.5er Plus MTB Boost Rigid Fork
5.Rinasclta 29er 510g Carbon MTB Fork

What is the rake on a bike fork?

Fork rake is also known as an offset (The hub’s offset from the steering axis).
Normally the fork rake on road bikes ranges from 40 to 55mm.
While the fork rake on mtb bikes ranges 40 to 55mm.

Are all bike forks the same size?

Yes, but only for the same category. For example, most mtb bikes forks may have different tubes, but they have the same diameter head tube.

Can I customize my painting on the carbon bike fork?

Of course, drop your design to us, we will help to paint in 7 days.