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What Is a Fat Bike?

Fatbike (also called a fat bike or fat-tire bike) is one kind of mountain bike (off-road) with oversized tires. Normally with 3.8 inches (97mm) or larger tires, and 2.16 inch (55mm) or wider rims. It’s designed especially for soft, unstable terrain, like snow, beach, desert and so on.

Framed Fat bike

The framed fat bike is normally with a simply designed fat bike frame, fat bike fork, rims, and oversized tires. It’s actually similar to a mountain bike.

Carbon Fat bike frame

As an OEM carbon bike manufacturer for over 7 years, we witnessed the development of a carbon bike. The technology of producing fat bike frame came from carbon mountain bike frames. With wider chainstay and more comfortable geometry, the quality is quite steady now.

We use Toray T800 carbon fiber to build the main body of the frame, and add T1000 around tube joints, seat-tube, and chainstay. Thanks to our experienced engineers and QC, we only ship 100% fine frames to each of our clients all over the world.

Full Suspension Fat Bike

Normally you don’t need a full-suspension fat bike. Cause with lower fat bike tires pressure, you can ride on most of the terrains comfortably. The tires absorb shocks and keep your bike in balance.

Fat Bike vs Mountain Bike

A fat bike is a special mountain bike. But if you want a bike that you can ride on most of the places without losing too much speed, surely you need a mountain bike.

But if you ride on snow, desert, and any soft terrains a lot, definitely fat bike is much better. After all, you don’t need high speed on these surface.

Women’s Fat Bike

Our 26” carbon fiber fat bike frame is perfect for almost both men and women size.

Electric Fat Bike

An electric bike is becoming more and more popular, also a lot of different opinions between an e-bike and normal bike.

In the manufacturer’s opinion, it doesn’t matter what kind of bike you want to ride, we just make sure the quality is steady to keep you as safe as possible.

But one tip for the electric fat bike is, sometimes battery’s life could be affected due to low temperature, so you may want to double-check your battery or be prepared that you need to ride by yourself in the middle of the snow.

Single Speed Fat Bike

Single-speed is one trend in mountain bike, and of course fat bike.

Luckily, no matter what kind of groupset you may use, it’s always perfect to ride with our frame.

Customized Carbon Fat Bike

As a manufacturer, to customize a bike couldn’t be easier. Just send us your design artwork with the color number, we will take care of the other works.

Or if you have no idea what kind of design you need, our experienced designers will help for free.


Fat bike Tires Pressure

These tires can be used in lower tires pressure, as low as 340hPa. The range could be 550-690 hPa ( 0.55-0.69 bar, 8-10 psi) for most of the situation, and also, you can adjust the pressure based on your own preference.

Carbon Fat Bike Wheels (Wheelset)

As years of development of carbon fiber, now more and more cyclists like to update to carbon wheelset. These lightweight set could help you better on riding and easier to travel with.

With our carbon rims, you can easily build your own wheelset. Or if you need our help, just send us the models of spoke, hubs, tires and so on, we will build your wheel in 3 days and ship to you with DPD all over the world

Carbon Fat Bike Rims

Now we produce tubeless-ready carbon fat bike rims with 2 sizes:

1. 80mm Width, 25mm Depth, Toray T800+T1000 carbon fiber, 700 +/- 30g

2.100mm Width, 25mm Depth, Toray T800+T1000 carbon fiber, 840 +/- 30g

Based on the UCI/EN test standard, we make 100% quality pass as our standard quality control. And we offer 2 years warranty for our carbon rims (Except damaged or crashed by riders)

Carbon Fat Bike Fork

We also offer carbon fat bike 26” forks with blade length (480-485mm). Lightweight and stronger than the aluminum fork.

Now we offer UD/1K/3K carbon wave finish, matte or glossy are all available now.

Fat Bike Suspension Fork

As suspension fat bike frame, normally we have no need to use suspension fork. But if you really need, you may ask your local bike shop for more detailed information.

Fat Bike Hubs

It’s simple to choose the right fat bike hubs. Similar to mountain bike hubs, all you need is 135mm Rear Cassette Hubs for Offset Frames, and a lot of people just use the 135mm as front disc hub.

Riding a Fat Bike on the Road

You know how good it could be to ride a fat bike on the road. Super steady and no need to worry about gravel or off-road, just ride anywhere you want to go.

Riding a Fat Bike Downhill

Generally to ride a fat bike is not as extreme as a mountain bike, for example, Downhill. So if you need to go downhill, then you may want to update to a suspension fork or full suspension frame instead.

Is Fat Bike a Beach Cruiser?

Definitely, a fat bike is a super “car” on the beach. The beach ( or desert) is perfect for fat bikes. With oversized tires, you could feel much easier to ride.