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Carbon fiber mountain bike plays a big role in the MTB category, especially for those who want to improve their riding experiences, record, whole cycling image, or personal branding purpose. Carbon fiber frame is stronger, stiffer, lighter, and more durable than aluminum or steel frame. If you are here with Rinasclta, that means you are ready to choose your next carbon mountain frame.

27.5er mountain bike frames

27.5er mountain bike is also called tweeters, are mountain bikes with a smaller tire( 27.5 inches in diameter with 2.25inch width). On a 27.5er mountain bike frame, you can build a faster acceleration in short distance rides.

29er mountain bike frame

29er mountain bike frame is the most popular used MTB frame now, with a 29 inch in diameter. With 29 inch wheels, the 29er MTB frames have less rolling friction, which means roll more efficiently, and you need less effort to maintain the bike. Now we only sell 29er MTB frames on our site.

Full suspension mountain bike frame

Full suspension mountain bike frame is especially used for AM, XC, DH, and Enduro. We sell a full suspension MTB frame with 122mm and 142mm travel, shock absorber included. Thanks to Toray High-End carbon fiber, we can build the frame most steadily. Stronger, lighter, and stiffer with reasonable price.

Single speed mountain bike frame

For single speed MTB fans, it has more fun to ride. They offer the max fun without the disturbance of equipment, simply offer you a pure and challenging riding experience. All of our carbon mountain bike frames support 1x chainring (single speed). As long as you have the setup, freehub for single speed groupset, there will be no problem to build your bike.

MTB hardtail frame

MTB hardtail bike is almost as popular as FS bike. There are still two categories in MTB HT frames, one is with a suspension fork, the other is a pure rigid MTB frame. It is not as comfortable as suspension MTB, but it can go faster if you ride on flat roads or urban. Also, it’s lighter, more efficient, and affordable to start mountain biking.

How to buy a Mountain bike Frame?

A lot of cyclists choose to buy their mountain bike in local shops as beginners, and that’s the best way to get these guarantees, bike shop service, and bike maintenance. However, for those who have experience in building and maintaining the mountain bike, buying MTB frames online is cheaper and more flexible, that they can customize the frame, choose the most suitable parts to build their ideal MTB. Here we try to analyze all types of frames to give you a better idea of choosing these frames.

Cheap full suspension mountain bike frame

Cheap sometimes means low quality, no guarantee, bad service, and no trust. Or random steel frames from Aliexpress or DHgate, which we highly don’t recommend buying from. However, cheap can also mean affordable reasonable price if you compare to these big brands. You don’t need to spend $3000-$4000 to just buy an MTB frame if you have a limited budget.
In Rinasclta, you can get the ideal full suspension mountain bike frame with a shock absorber at price below $1000. As a carbon bike manufacturer for over 10 years, we now sell directly to you as a factory, no dealers, no bike shop, but still with 2 years warranty.

Trail /All-Mountain Bike Frame

Trail MTB is also called All-mountain MTB. There is no clear definition that describes which exact category is trail MTB. It also means most riders are falling into this category. With a wide 100-150mm travel range on both fork and rear, you will find that most suspension MTB is in this category.
You can go for a big ride, or just a casual weekend family ride. It’s the most balanced MTB bike you will see on the market. No matter uphill, downhill, you can choose this trail MTB frame with no problem.

Enduro Mountain Bike Frame

Enduro MTB is the biggest bike in the market. It’s focusing mainly on the downhill with maximum handling. The geometry is closer to a downhill frame, while with the longest travel (Rear travel: 150-180mm, fork travel: 160-180mm). You can ride in literally on any terrain you want.
If you ride uphill by bike then downhill, this enduro MTB is the one for you.

Cross Country Mountain Bike Frame/CX MTB Frame

XC MTB is for riders who like to ride for a longer distance (Well, the cross country can’t be a short trip, right?). Due to long-distance, the bike has to be comfortable to ride, with more gear options and a long time to sit on the saddle. No matter you go uphill, downhill, flat road, off-road, single track, or bad rainy days, this XC MTB is for you.
The travel on cross country mountain bike normally is, 0-100mm travel in the rear, and 100-120mm travel in the fork. Perfect for riders who ride long distances.

Downhill Mountain Bike Frame

Downhill MTB is similar to Enduro bike but is more extreme, as it only focuses on the downhill, you don’t ride this bike uphill. As it’s only focusing on DH, so the travel is mostly 190-200mm on both fork and rear. It’s the purest downhill bike you can find among these riders.
If you only ride downhill, this DH MTB is for you.

Gravel Bike Frameset

A gravel bike is in the road bike category considering the drop bar, gear, and geometry. But as time goes, the boundary is more and more blur. As lots of riders choose gravel bike to ride as XC bike. They can go faster because of the road bike feature, also they can ride on different terrains because of mountain bike tire features.
If you like a road bike but like to ride in the mountain, then our carbon gravel frameset is perfect for you.

Small mountain bike frame

Normally you should choose a longer MTB handlebar if you chose a small MTB frame on purpose. In this way, you can feel more control on the bike (for turns and rough terrains), but it can also lose stability, and cause your back pain issue.

Large mountain bike frame

You should choose a large size MTB frame if your arm span is longer than your height. Also, you should choose a longer reach on the handlebar. A large size frame is only better for those who want to stay steady on the MTB while the bike is under control.

650b Mountain bike frame

650b is also called 27.5er MTB frame. It was popular until a bigger size tire clearance 29er frame came out. If you have a 27.5-inch wheelset, and you like it that way, then a 27.5er MTB frame should be your choice. But keep in mind there are not so many new models in the market as 29er is the main category now.

Discount mountain bike frames

If you don’t need to choose the latest frame, then you can always get an MTB frame with a discount. No matter buying from the local bike shop, online outlet, or directly from brands site, you will get the frame in your budget.

Used mountain bike frame

There are a few popular sites where you can buy used MTB frames, like eBay, Bike-discount, The Pro Closet, Bike exchange, and so on. Normally it will be cheaper, but you need to pay more attention to the frame condition description, with a trusted payment and money back policy. Better with images, videos, even directly from the original rider.

XL mountain bike frame

XL MTB frames are mostly for riders whose height is over 195cm. Most riders with this height would also have a heavier weight. The main max weight limit on the carbon MTB frame is 120KG.


1. Mountain bike frame size chart

Below is our mountain bike frame size chart, if you still are not sure about the size, check our full bike size chart guide.

men's mountain bike size chartwomen's mountain bike size chart

2. Mountain bike frame protection

Normally we recommend using a chainstay protection shield, BB protection shield, or just wrap these parts with a waterproof material cloth. Speaking of the frame, you should clean the frame regularly (once per week, and after riding).

3. What kinds of suspensions are available for bike frames?

-Hardtail frame: You can choose a completely rigid bike( with a rigid fork) or a suspension fork (120-140mm travel)
-Front suspension: Normally the travel of the fork should be slightly longer than the rear travel. (20mm maximum longer)
-Full suspension frame:
XC MTB frame: You can choose rear travel less than 120mm(4.7”)
Trail MTB frame: You can choose a rear travel 120mm-150mm (4.7”-6”)
Enduro MTB frame: You can choose a rear travel 140mm-180mm (5.5”-6.7”)
DH MTB frame: You can choose a rear travel 180mm-200mm (7”-8”)

4. What is the best frame for a mountain bike?

The best frame depends on the purpose of your riding. Hardtail is for speed max, XC for most of the terrains, trail/AM for mountain riding, Enduro and DH for downhill riding. Also consider the budget, gear, and wheelset.

5. Is it cheaper to build a mountain bike?

It might cost more to build your mountain bike if you buy parts separately, but you will get a more flexible option to customize your ideal mountain bike. In Rinasclta, you don’t need to pay more to build your MTB, we can help on building your bike at a reasonable price.

6. What size frame do I need for a mountain bike?

The frame size is related to your height and inseam size. Check our bike size guide so you can find the perfect size in 2 minutes.

7. Does MTB frame size matter?

MTB frame size matters, first of all, you should choose the right size, if the size is smaller, you might hurt your back, if the size is too big, you wouldn’t handle the bike. Always choose the right size before you buy your mountain bike.

8. How much does a decent mountain bike cost?

A steel/aluminum mountain bike costs from $800-$3000 with standard gear and parts. While a carbon fiber hardtail MTB bike costs from $2000-$4000, while a carbon fiber full suspension MTB frame costs from $3000-$6000 depending on the mountain bike wheelset and gear.

9. What’s a good mountain bike for beginners

For beginners we always recommend choosing a carbon fiber MTB frame first, either hardtail or suspension frame, you can get started to feel the difference from the steel frame, then slowly you can upgrade to carbon MTB wheelset, carbon MTB handlebar, and a higher level of the groupset.

10. Is a full suspension mountain bike worth it?

If you ride in the mountain, cross country, or downhill, a full-suspension mountain bike is a must-to-have. The suspension plays a big role in these categories.
However, if you only ride in the city, flat road, or casual terrains, then it’s not worth it unless you have a budget on it.