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Aerodynamic Carbon Road bike frame

Aero road bike is now becoming one of the most popular road bike geometry in the market. With flat integrated handlebar, aero headtube, top tube, downtube, seat post, seat stay, chainstay and aero fork, everything you need is to improve your aero position.

Why? Cause speed is the ultimate goal you want with our frames.

Disc Brake Carbon Road Bike Frames

Disc brake on a road bike is officially accepted by UCI since last year, and no doubt you can see 100% of these pro cycling teams are using disc brake road bike on some stages.

The different between rim brake and disc brake is, disc brake could offer you more efficient control of the bike in the rainy day, slippery road and downhill. The groupset maybe a little heavier than rim brake groupset, but in bad weather, safety is more important than speed.

Single Speed Carbon Road Bike Frames

Single speed (fixie, fixed bike), whatever the name is, the only goad of single speed bike is to chase the freedom in city route. With that been said, they are trying to avoid brake as much as possible.

Switch from aluminum frame to carbon fiber, you could immediately tell the more aero and lighter frame could help you better, especially if you want to race for fixie event.

Based on these demands, we combined our aerodynamic technology with single speed bike frame, here you can enjoy both in just one frame.

Super Light Carbon Road Bike Frames

You may ask ” carbon fiber is already light, where does this super light” come from?”

The reason is that even for carbon fiber frame, we want to explore the limit and make it as light as possible without losing the stiffness.

Our super light road bike frame is specially designed for uphill cyclists. If you like a road bike but you ride uphill most of the time, then a Rinasclta super light frame could help your life easier.

Triathlon Carbon Bike Frames

The ultimate type of aerodynamic is the triathlon bike. Aero helmets, aero wheelset, aero bottle, everything is aero!

And triathlon is more and more popular, so we here off our entry level( price) Toray T800+ T1000 carbon triathlon aerodynamic frameset. Easy to assemble with aero bars, you can race at a higher level instantly.