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Aerodynamic Carbon Road bike frame

Aero road bike is now becoming one of the most popular road bike geometry in the market. With flat integrated handlebar, aero headtube, top tube, downtube, seat post, seat stay, chainstay and aero fork, everything you need is to improve your aero position.

Why? Cause speed is the ultimate goal you want with our frames.

Disc Brake Carbon Road Bike Frames

Disc brake on a road bike is officially accepted by UCI since last year, and no doubt you can see 100% of these pro cycling teams are using disc brake road bike on some stages.

The different between rim brake and disc brake is, disc brake could offer you more efficient control of the bike in the rainy day, slippery road and downhill. The groupset maybe a little heavier than rim brake groupset, but in bad weather, safety is more important than speed.

Single Speed Carbon Road Bike Frames

Single speed (fixie, fixed bike), whatever the name is, the only goad of single speed bike is to chase the freedom in city route. With that been said, they are trying to avoid brake as much as possible.

Switch from aluminum frame to carbon fiber, you could immediately tell the more aero and lighter frame could help you better, especially if you want to race for fixie event.

Based on these demands, we combined our aerodynamic technology with single speed bike frame, here you can enjoy both in just one frame.

Super Light Carbon Road Bike Frames

You may ask ” carbon fiber is already light, where does this super light” come from?”

The reason is that even for carbon fiber frame, we want to explore the limit and make it as light as possible without losing the stiffness.

Our super light road bike frame is specially designed for uphill cyclists. If you like a road bike but you ride uphill most of the time, then a Rinasclta super light frame could help your life easier.

Triathlon Carbon Bike Frames

The ultimate type of aerodynamic is the triathlon bike. Aero helmets, aero wheelset, aero bottle, everything is aero!

And triathlon is more and more popular, so we here off our entry level( price) Toray T800+ T1000 carbon triathlon aerodynamic frameset. Easy to assemble with aero bars, you can race at a higher level instantly.


Carbon fiber bicycle frame building supplies

Carbon fiber bike frames can be built by your own with necessary supplies. From the perspective of a carbon fiber bike manufacturer, we don’t suggest to build the frame by your own for safety purpose, but below is the checklist for the building supplies

1) A proper mould. You need to wrap the mould with different types of carbon fiber cloth
2) Someone who can help you to lift the mould, considering the mould is quite heavy (a few hundreds kg)
3) A special oven where you can shape and heat up the mould with carbon cloth wrapped inside.
4) A polish machine which you can use to polish the frame surface
5) A paining lab where you can paint the frame, clear coat, colors, no matter what you need to paint on the raw frame
6) Proper test devices to test the frame, includes stiffness, impact test, falling test, fatigue test from different angles, and so on

Are carbon bike frames worth it?

It depends on your purpose. If you ride bike casually like a city bike, you don’t really need a carbon bike frame, even it will be much lighter and easier to ride.
If you ride regurelly on road bike or mountain bike, and you want to push the bike and yourself to a certain limit, under your budget you should go for carbon bike frame. With a budget of USD1000 you can get pretty a decent quality frame with warranty. And remember to buy from certificated dealers or from manufacturer directly, which will save you a lot of money and troubles.

Are carbon fiber bike frames durable?

Carbon fiber bike frames are durable if you choose the right one. Accordingly to Cyclingtips’ research, the lifespan of a carbon frame could last you forever if done properly.
Also based on Outsideonline’s post, they mentioned carbon fiber material can fail if the frame is built poorly.
So our answer is, if you choose the frame from verified brands and manufacturers with proper test, your carbon bike frame will last at least for 10years at least.

How long do carbon fiber bike frames last?

If the carbon bike frame is built properly, as long as they are not damaged or cranked, it will last lifetime. But we recommend to check your frame in a regular base, and you should consider to change the frame in 10 years. Even it works fine after 10 years.

Which is better carbon or aluminium bike frame?

If we focus on the weight, carbon bike frame is definitely better than aluminium frame. You don’t see any aluminium built bike frame in pro peloton, which already tells the whole story of carbon bike frame.
But if we focus more on budget, aluminium bike frame is better with a tight budget. It’s easier to maintain and cheaper, but not for serious cyclists.

Do carbon frame break easily?

All frames can break. If a carbon bike frame cranks with fatigue(vertical, horizontal, front or back), it will show small crack on the surface, then slowly it will be break. In our lab, we do 20,000 fatigue tests from each angles to make sure all frames we sell wouldn’t break unless crashed.

How much difference does a carbon bike make?

If you are a beginner and you switch from aluminium bike to carbon bike, it will save you at least 2-3KG weight. For amateurs, that means at least 2-5 km/h faster in the same pedalling power.

Why are carbon fiber bikes so expensive?

The cost of carbon fiber bikes includes: carbon cloth, R&D, mould, labor, electricity, water, paint and test cost. Each element in the cost plays an irreplaceable role. No need to mention the cost from different dealers of brands and shipping cost if you buy frame locally.
As a carbon bike manufacturer, the reason why we can sell in a lower price is that we sell directly to you, no middle man, no brand marketing cost.

How much faster is a carbon road bike?

For amateurs who just switched from Alu to carbon bike, with the same power you will ride at least 2-5 km/h faster. And accordingly to Cycling Weekly’s test, a cyclist who generate 200W of pedalling power on an aero carbon bike was 1.7kph faster than on a lightweight carbon bike, which also shows that even with carbon bike, the weight and aerodynamic design also plays a big difference.

Are carbon fiber wheels worth it?

Carbon fiber wheels are actually making a bigger difference than a carbon fiber frame. If you want to ride faster, the first thing is to upgrade to carbon wheels than carbon frame. The significant weight, aerodynamic and stiffness make a huge difference on your bike.

How are carbon fiber bikes made?

Carbon fiber bikes are made 100% by hand. In general we wrap the carbon cloth in the mould, heat in bike mould oven, polish it, test it, paint it and then assemble the bike. All process are necessary to build the carbon bike.

Cheap Chinese carbon bike frames-A good idea?

It’s obviously a good idea if you know how to choose the right Chinese carbon frame. No matter you buy online or from local dealers, one time to remember is that cheap doesn’t mean low quality, but low quality equals to cheap price. You can check our ultimate Chinese carbon bike factory guide to learn how to choose the right Chinese carbon frame in a budget.

How to DIY my own carbon fiber bike?

You can choose the carbon bike parts (frame, fork, seat post, saddle, wheelset, groupset and parts) from different dealers as long as they fit in one diameter to build your own bike.
Or you can choose all carbon bike parts from our site, our specialist will guide you through the DIY process so you can build your own bike easily without extra unnecessary cost.

Custom carbon fiber bike frame

There are two different ways to custom your own frame
1) Custom the painting design. We offer full customized painting options on every frame selling on our site, with a few clicks we will get you covered.
2) Custom the geometry/shape of the frame. This is a customise work, talk to our specialist, we will analyst your requirement and offer you a reasonable solution to custom your own carbon bike frame.

How to choose the best bike frame material

There are a lot of different bike frame materials in the market, includes steel, aluminium, bamboo, wood, carbon fiber, glass fiber and some new materials. To best material is relatively to the budget and purpose of the bike you want to use.

What is the carbon fiber bike frame weight

Based on our experiences, we list the weight of carbon bike frames below
1) aerodynamic road bike carbon frame: 1000-1800g
2) lightweight road bike carbon frame: 700-900g
3) Triathlon carbon frame: 1500-2500g
4) MTB hardtail carbon bike frame: 1000-1500g
5) MTB suspension carbon bike frame: 2000-3000g

Where are carbon fiber bike frame manufacturers located?

Most of the carbon bike manufacturers are located in Taiwan and China mainland. To be specific,
1) Carbon bike frame manufacturer location: Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou
2) Carbon bike rim manufacturer location: Xiamen, Shenzhen, Dongguan

Can a carbon fiber bike frame be repaired

A carbon fiber bike frame can be repaired, the procedure will be as below
1) Clean all painting on the frame
2) Check cranked parts and analyst repairing solutions( like carbon cloth type, wrap direction, number of layers and so on)
3) Repair the cranked part with carbon cloth
4) Heat up the cranked part
5) Polish the frame and run factory test
6) Repaint the frame

Carbon fiber bike repair cost

The cost of carbon fiber bike repair depends on the parts location area of damaged part and carbon fiber cloth we use. Below is the estimated cost based on our engineers
1) Small cracks: 30% or smaller on one tube: USD 180
2) Medium cracks: 30%-60% on one tube: USD 280
3) Major damage: USD 400 or more depends on how serious the damage could be.

Can i buy raw carbon fiber bike frame and paint by myself

Yes you can. If you know how to paint the raw frame it will save you lots of money and time on the painting job. For more details contact us.