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What is an aero road bike frame?

Here is the truth, the geometry is more aggressive( fork angle and seat tube), and today most of these big brands’ aero machines look similar: low chainstay, flat handlebar (even integrated handlebar), flat aero fork, aero tubes.

Since I changed to Rinasclta Aerodynamic frame, I broke every record on Strava!

—-Andrzej Seta (Our Polish photographer and friend)

Disc brake aero bike VS rim brake aero bike

Since disc brake is becoming more and more popular on-road bike, we have designed a new aero disc brake road bike frame for 2019. Even rim brake is lighter, but still, people are like to ride on the aero disc brake bike.


How to ride in Aero position?

We stronger suggest you should check the road bike frame size before you choose our aero road bike frame. The right size is the priority, then you should take a bike fit if you need to race with our aerodynamic frame.
As soon as you get the right bike size or get bike fit, we have some tips for riding in an aero position
1. Choose an aero handlebar, even an integrated carbon handlebar for your bike.
2. Choose an aero helmet
3. Choose an aero bottle.
4. Also, you would like to choose deeper rims to ride. 50mm -80mm depth carbon rims could help.

Should I choose aero handlebar road bike?

Yes, we do suggest to choose an aero handlebar if you buy an aero carbon frame. It’s not expensive and it’s comfortable to hold during riding.

what are areo bikes used for?

An aero bike is used to improve your speed during riding competition, tours, and racing purpose. It will improve your speed dramatically in your same power level.

Are aero bikes comfortable?

If you get the right bike size or bike fit, you will find it’s still somehow comfortable to ride. Of course, it’s not as comfortable as the enduro/ gravel road bike, but it’s quite acceptable for riding under 300-500KM per time.

Are aero road bikes good for climbing?

If your purpose is to climb a lot, then we suggest riding on a lightweight carbon road bike. Aerodynamic road bikes have a more aggressive position, and it’s heavier than a lightweight bike. If you only need to climb for a short distance, then the aero bike will be just fine for daily cycling.

What is the most aerodynamic road bike?

We list five of the most aerodynamic road bikes in the market
1.Cervelo P5X.
2.Specialized Venge ViAS Disc
3.3T Strada
4.Rinasclta Aerodynamic RL8.0
5.Factor One.

Aero bike vs road bike?

Aero bike is one type of road bikes. It has the most aggressive position and seeks for max speed during racing, in another way, the aero bike is the name of speed.

Can I custom my aero frame here?

100% Yes. Contact us with your design (Or let us design for you), we will get your customized bike frame done in 7 days.