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Why You Need Our Carbon Fiber Fixie Bike Frame

Our carbon fiber track bike frame is perfect to help you on riding faster. Designed for track bike racing, you can easily assemble and ride not only in the track field but also on the street.

As the trend of aerodynamic, we re-designed our single-speed carbon frame, with more flat downtube, seat post, and seat tube, you could ride as aero as pros. We understand speed is everything with fixie bikes, and you could achieve your simple goal here.

Can I Custom Fixie Bikes Here?

Of course, as a carbon fiber bike manufacturer in China for over 7 years, we could help you to design and custom the painting as you want. Normally custom painting will take 5-7 days to finish the job (While Canyon or Trek would take 1 month). It’s just a bonus you could get from us.

Where Can I Buy The Best Fixie Bikes?

Actually, there are a lot of fixie bike brands, it’s hard to tell the best one, only we can tell you the right one to match you. Before buying your fixie bike, take these tips into consideration

  1. How long is the warranty? ( We offer 2 years warranty for frames)
  2. What’s the weight of fixie frame? ( Normally aero frame is a little heavier than a superlight frame)
  3. The test standard and quality control (We meet SGS and EN test standard)
  4. Cheap fixie bikes may hurt you.
  5. You may want to go to a fixie bike shop to try it first if it’s your first time to buy a fixie bike.

How to Choose My Fixie Bike Size

We have a complete bike size guide includes fixie bike size, you may want to check it if you don’t know what size do you need.

And if you are a pro cyclist, you may also consider taking a bike fit, which will be definitely necessary for your racing performance.