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What is a gravel bike?

Gravel bike would be a great combination of all racing bikes in the market, AKA, all-road bike. Gathering advantages of the lightweight road bike and enduro mountain bike, you can now ride the gravel bike on any surface you like, trail, dust, gravel, snow, mountain, despite any weather condition you might concern.

Best gravel bikes under $1000

Gravel bike does not need to be as expensive as you thought. With a budget of USD1000, you can still build your gravel bike, below are a few combinations you can take into consideration
1) Steel gravel frame+ aluminum gravel bike wheelset+entry level groupset+basic gravel bike accessories
2) Carbon gravel frame+aluminum wheelset+basic groupset+accessories

Best gravel bike wheels

The best gravel bike wheels would be built with carbon fiber. It’s lightweight, endurable, last longer, and at the same time, still in your budget. Take our Rinasclta gravel bike wheelset, for example, you can easily choose the sizes of rims you like, the entry-level disc brake Novatec hubs, you can always find the good options for your gravel bike. Check details here.

Gravel bike the UK

The trend of a gravel bike is quite popular in the UK, actually, according to the Ahrefs google search volume report, the searching volume in the UK ranges the 2nd place across the world, while Germany is the 1st, and the US is the 3rd.
We build our frames in China and ship all goods from China to the UK by EMS and DPD/GLS. The advantage of DPD is that we prepaid all tax in China, you don’t need to worry about the Customs clearance issue, when you order from us, you will get door-to-door shipping within 10-15 business days.

Gravel bike vs road bike

The biggest difference between a gravel bike and a road bike is the max tire size. On a road bike, the max tire size usually is 32mm in width with a disc brake. While on a gravel bike the max tire size will be 45mm-50mm. With a much wider tire, you will ride on these off-road trails where you never could imagine with a regular road bike.

Cyclocross vs gravel bike

The difference between a cyclocross bike and a gravel bike is the geometry. Cyclocross bike has shorter chainstays and a lower stack, which means cyclocross bike is designed in a more aggressive position for racing purposes, while gravel bike is more enjoyable to ride for longer distance racing.

Gravel bike vs mountain bike

A gravel bike can also be called a mountain bike with a drop bar. This shows you immediately the picture of the gravel bike, with lighter weight, more aggressive position, and yet keep the wide tire with lower pressure tire, you can ride on all roads with the lightweight bike.

Gravel bike frame

To choose your gravel bike frame is not easy. Geometry is always the priority to consider before you keep moving on. Then you need to consider the accessories and parts like carbon fork, carbon handlebar, seat post, thru-axle, and handlebar spacers. We offer all in one package, you don’t need to buy them separately on other sites.

Carbon gravel bike

A carbon gravel bike is becoming the main player in the racing events market. With a lightweight and more stiff gravel bike, you will gain the precious experiences and racing performance which you can’t get from a steel or aluminum gravel bike.
If you build your carbon gravel bike with our Rinasclta 2021 new gravel frameset, our DT Swiss hub powered carbon gravel bike wheelset, you will gain the most of the advantages with a budget. For more info check our carbon gravel frame and carbon gravel wheelset.

Single speed gravel bike

A single-speed gravel bike is quite popular among cyclists, same as on mountain bike, single speed is much easier to ride, and you can enjoy more on the riding than gear shifting. Also, the cost to maintain the groupset will be lower as there are not so many parts that you need to replace or maintain regularly.

Gravel bike handlebars

In most cases, you can use a road bike drop bar on your gravel bike, as long as you choose the right size. But for our new gravel frameset, we designed this perfectly matched integrated full internal cable route gravel handlebar, together with our gravel frame, which we call a perfect combo as they are all designed and produced in one time with our team. It works perfectly and seamlessly on our gravel frame.

Gravel bike tire

The most popular gravel bike tires are sizes between 40-50mm in width. Our carbon gravel bike wheelsets are all tubeless ready which means you can use whatever the gravel tire types you like, clincher or tubeless are all working fine on our wheelset.

Gravel bike test

We test every gravel frameset in our lab, based on EN standard test, we make sure every frameset matches our standard before we launch our product online. For example, 20,000 times fatigue test is what we are proud of in our testing. To put the gravel frame in the most similar riding environment in real life, we are confident that our gravel frameset will work just steady no matter what kind of riding situation you will be.

Building a gravel bike

We know how to produce and test the gravel bike properly, also we want to offer you the best experiences to build your gravel bike, which is why you can just choose our gravel frameset with the gravel wheelset you like. Then you can build your gravel bike in your garage or your local bike shop with no problem. Easy to install the cables with our cable route guide, you will not have any headache to build your perfect gravel bike.