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What is the difference between TT(Time Trial) bike and Tri bike?

A time trial bike is very similar to a tri bike. The fact is, the market of the time trial is so small that most of the manufacturers just produce triathlon bike, which is suitable for both time trial and triathlon. BTW, triathlon bikes are made under UCI standard.

The main differences are as below

Bike geometry

Based on UCI rule, time trial bikes had to match 3:1 rule, meanings that no part of the bike can be any more than three times longer than its width at any point.

And a triathlon bike doesn’t have to match UCI rules, which allows these manufacturers to design the bike as aerodynamic as possible, but the rider needs a less aggressive position on the bike because they need to balance their muscles among running, swimming and biking.

Bike Accessories

Based on different demand, triathlon bike always comes with food storage, extra water bottles cage behind the seatpost.

While time trial bike just has no water, no food, and always a disc rear wheel.

Bike Fit

In the time trial, cyclists’ only goal is to get to the finish line as fast as possible.

A Tri bike sometimes has a more forward saddle position, which offers riders less leg muscle stress.

Tri Bike vs Road Bike

  1. Triathlon and TT bikes have higher gearing due to a shorter distance than road bikes.
  2. Deeper rims (or disc wheels), which means more aerodynamic.
  3. Tri bikes are built with rest bars and aero bars.
  4. Tri bikes have a shorter top tube to gain an adequate stem length.

Fast Bike

Tri bikes are designed to be the fastest bike. More aero position and accessories like aero helmet, seat post, fork, even water bottle.

The Best Bike for Ironman

Triathlon bikes are definitely the best bike for Ironman. With extra food, water, and less aggressive geometry, cyclists could keep output high power for long distance racing.

Women’s Triathlon Bikes

We offer XS (48 cm) size, it’s suitable for female cyclists who need a triathlon bike for their racing and training.

Should I Use a Road Bike for the triathlon?

If you don’t have the budget for a tri bike, or if you just want to ride a few times per year for the triathlon, yes you can use a road bike. You can check our aerodynamic carbon road bike frames, which could help you better for aero purpose.

Should I Buy Used Triathlon Bikes for Sale for Beginners?

Buying used triathlon bikes could be possible if you know how to choose. Always test the bike, check special parts like BB, hanger, Seatpost, headtube and frame tubes before you make your decision.

How to Find Triathlon Bikes Clearance Online?

It’s quite simple.

  1. You may know a few famous brands, just search their old models to see if they have a special offer.
  2. Ask your local bike shops, they will be happy to tell you if they will offer some clearance.
  3. Check online stores with a good warranty

Can I Custom Triathlon Bikes Here?

100% Yes. As a carbon bike manufacturer in China, to customize our clients’ design is our basic work. Just send us your design, we will take care of the rest.

Or if you have no idea about the design, our designers will communicate with you to help design, for free.

Triathlon Bike Sizing Chart

We have an ultimate guide for any types of bike size with a thorough infographic, check the bike size guide here.

Can you Paint Colorful Triathlon Bikes?

Yes, as many colors as you want, just contact us and you will be amazed.

Why are Triathlon Bikes Different from Other Bikes?

Triathlon bikes are designed for speed, with sacrificing of comfortable, you can tell immediately how aggressive and aerodynamic tri bikes could be.

How Long Do Triathlon Bikes Last?

Generally, carbon fiber bike could last for 10-15 years at least, without losing performance. And if you take good care of your bike, it will last even longer.

Sprint on Triathlon Bike

The tri handlebars are designed for both resting and sprint. That’s the amazing part of cycling.

Do you Sell Disc Brake Tri Bike?

No, and you can tell rim brakes are dominated in a triathlon bike.

Why I Can’t Find Any Steel Tri Bike?

It’s simple because carbon tri bike is the name of speed, no one will ride a steel tri bike to race for speed.