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Showing all 4 results

Carbon Road Bike Drop Handlebars

For a road bike, we now have the classic( round tube), aerodynamic and integrated handlebars.

Carbon Classic Road Bike Handlebars

Even aero bars are the main trend now, people still like to ride with classic handlebars. Easy to install, universal fit for cycling computer and comfortable to hold.

Carbon Aerodynamic Road Bike Handlebars

We updated our aerodynamic road bike handlebars for people who like to keep aero. With the flat tube, your bike will be more aero and energy saved during racing.

Carbon Integrated Aero Handlebars

The integrated handlebar is the new trend. To combine fixed angle and length stems with aero bars, you have no need to worry about the connection between stems and bars. But keep in mind you need to choose the right size before you buy.

Carbon Mountain Bike Handlebars

Still, a lot of people choose aluminum mountain bike handlebars because biking in the mountain is different from road biking.

More shocks, more gravel surfaces and easier to crash during biking, an aluminum handlebar is cheaper to maintain.

But if you are looking for carbon fiber bars, here you will find the standard flat carbon mountain handlebars.