How Cycling Influencers Say About Rinasclta Bike?

Yo welcome back to the channel boys and girls. In today’s video we are taking a first look at a frame from a brand that you probably haven’t heard of, before which is Rinasclta. Okay let’s all say with me together Rinasclta, so in today’s video we’re going to be talking about the brand we’re going to be talking about the specs on this Frame and of course my plans for this build and I also have a discount code for you guys to save eight percent off your purchase from the Rinasclta website.

Oh and by the way if you are new to my channel my name is Patrick Lino and I am a cyclist here in the Chicagoland area who builds bikes who does bike reviews and if you ask yourself so far watching this video hey Patty the letter a is missing from the word Rinasclta, well your wife is missing the D but you don’t see me complaining about that do you huh.

So without further do, let’s begin. So a quick overview: 

Who is Rinasclta?

Rinasclta is a brand based in Europe with their frame OEM Factory being located in Shenzhen, China and their wheel Factory being located in Xiamen China. Now all of this is pretty typical for a brand like this, however one thing that’s interesting to note about this brand is, they have a shareholder or ownership in two factories now. 

Why is having ownership in a factory important? Well, rather than just being an agent who simply buys frames from a factory and then slaps a logo on the frame, having ownership means that you get to have more control over the production process, as well as the quality control and you can somewhat dictate to that factory who can have access or shared in your frame design as well as the frame molding.

So in the case with the Rinasclta granite or Granite frame set that you see behind me there’s only one other company that’s offering this exact frame set and of course it’s within the same OEM Factory. However with the other brand you probably won’t get the same level of customer service as well as post sales support. 

So basically when the brand says that they own their own factory, what they probably mean is that they simply have ownership in the factory and if you’re a brand like Specialized where you’re big and mighty you can basically dictate and bully everything that you want to happen in a factory. 

For example, if a factory doesn’t meet the quality specs agreed upon in the contract not only can Specialized simply not pay that factory for those frames that have been manufactured, but they can simply just take their business elsewhere to another factory. 

Now I know all of that sounds kind of savage but that’s just the way the bike industry works.

Next up, what is the Rinasclta Granite frame set? 

So this is the Brand’s all-road Aero frame set which is the trend we’re starting to see in the bike industry recently, especially among the major brands so basically you have an aero frame set, as you can tell by the tube shapes. However this frame has the tire clearance of up to 38C tires, this actually could be the one frame to rule them all in my opinion. 

Now prices for the frame set at the time of this video ranges from USD 800-1000  depending on paint options and whether or not you decide to purchase a set of their integrated handlebars. 

What is the weight of each part from Rinasclta Granite All-Road Frameset?

Alrighty boys and girls let’s go ahead and get everything weight it out so that we have a benchmark, but before we do big shout out to Bill Wilder’s live at Carnegie Hall, fantastic artists if you haven’t heard of them uh shame on you.

Anyway let’s get started. You just keep on using me until you use me up. First up we’re gonna do the frame itself. Now keep in mind that the frame is unpainted.  I’ve removed all of the metal hardware including the bottle cages, the bolts themselves, front derailleur hanger and the rear derailleur hanger is still included also the plastic inner cable. Guys as well now even though the frame is unpainted, painting usually adds about 100 grams or so, so just keep that in mind and this is for a size 54 frame set. 

So for the frame itself unpainted we have 1042 grams.

Next up let’s go ahead and weigh out the seat post. Again unpainted and the mounts for the saddle are included.

All right and that comes at 179 grams

Uncut Fork again unpainted so for the uncut Fork we have 437 grams.

And last but not least is the carbon aero handlebar, we have 250 grams.

Patrick Lino’s Take on All-Road Bike Concept

So let’s continue now, here is my take on the whole all-road Aero frame set concept. Here in Chicago within I would say about a three to four hour drive there really aren’t any roads that require anything wider than a 38c tires, however most of road bikes these days usually fit up to 32 seed tires and we have these rough road races around here, like rough road 100 or Berry rube where aerodynamics are still extremely important, but the tire clearance needs to accommodate something bigger than the 32c tire, just in case the road conditions on race day are pretty bad, so if the roads for example aren’t dry and say they’re muddy or they’re snowy or just wet in general, you’re going to need something that’s going to be wider than the 32C Tire. 

Now I do have a dedicated gravel bike but truthfully it’s mostly overkill in the places that I ride locally and the geometry in my opinion, is more suited for exploring and bike packing than it is for actual road racing. So when Rinasclta agreed to work together I was pretty excited, because I think this Frame is going to be extremely versatile especially for customers who either don’t have the space or simply just don’t have the budget to have a wide variety of bikes in their collection. Now at the time of this video I haven’t found a lot of affordable Brands offering up this type of all-road Aero frame set. Of course you have Brands like Specialized with their Crux, you have Trek with their Domane and you have Factor with their Ostro gravel. But those frames are wildly expensive!

I want to say they’re probably like three to five thousand dollars USD which is basically out of the budget for most of us “sort of everyday average Riders”,  so I think Rinasclta is going to have a huge advantage in this, regard being able to offer something that a lot of people will be able to afford, plus Rinasclta also offers custom paint options which I think is really cool!

First Impression of Rinasclta Granite All-Road Frameset

Moving on to my initial impressions of the frame set now. When I open up the box I could tell right away that there was a really good attention to detail in all of the small finishes, really adding up to a frame that appears to be in fact from an actual OEM of the factory

Now initially the frame I would say is on par with something you would expect, like Brand Yeolo, which makes sense given the price point for this Frame set. The bottom bracket cups are flat, the caliper mounts appear to have been faced and the headset bearing cups are super duper smooth, there isn’t any extra carbon there that makes the surface rough, everything just looks really good upon my first initial impressions, and even though the frame is unpainted, the matte finish that you see or the primer that they use has been sanded down very well super duper smooth and just overall the frame just in hand feels really chunky and really robust. 

Patrick Lino’s Plan for Rinasclta Granite All-Road Frameset Bike Build

Now finally guys moving on to my plans for this Frame, of course I’m going to give this Frame a really cool custom paint job. I’ll probably add some decals, I’m going to probably pair this bike up with a Shimano hydraulic group set, probably the Ultegra R8020. Of course I’ll add some gravel wheels and at least some all-road tires as well and I’m going to test this out to see if this is a bike that you can live with every day, and I’m going to test to see if it is in fact super versatile as I think. 

That it’s going to be so, that’s going to wrap up today’s video Guys. A huge thank you to Rinasclta for sending me out this frame set to test out and, as always guys if you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to leave them down below and I will check you guys on the next one. Thank you so much for watching, and like I said before in a previous video, this year at least the first half of 2023, the concept is going to be that I’m going to be highlighting some of these brands that either are super under the radar or just a brand that you just really haven’t heard of, and that’s going to be the case with the Rinasclta

So I’m super excited to get this built up and now stay tuned for future videos on this channel on this Frame! Yeah guys thanks for watching. I will check you guys on the next one. Peace!

Patrick Lino's Chameleon Custom Paint Granite All Road Bike