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Showing all 2 results

Light bicycle wheels

Lighter bicycle wheels will help you to spin up faster and easier. Especially during uphills, sprint or under your speed limit. With the same power output, you can reach and maintain the max speed easier and longer, which will save your precious time during the racing events.

Road Bike wheels

It is frequently said that wheels are one of, if not the upgrade which you can make to your amazing road bike. A pair of new wheels may have your bike feeling like new, or riding like a very different machine and can offer new level speed, reliable durability or reduced weight, smoother riding. Choose our carbon road bike wheels and customized your own design if you want to have your own unique wheels.

Gravel wheelset

Fitting your cyclocross bike with the carbon wheels can transform your ride. The difference in stiffness, weight, width, and tire compatibility may upgrade your racing or experience bike from something boring or tired to a bicycle that is fun and most of all, enjoyable.

In the last few years, bikes have gone from altered cyclocross and touring bikes to purpose-built, ride them anyplace machines. With the new frame designs and their tire clearance the way we are making space for this rubber — we’ve also seen an explosion in equipment out these experience and all road bikes.

In the early days, if gravel wheels did not fit your needs, your options were road wheels or MTB wheelsets that may not be up to the job. Now we’re flush for choice for exactly the perfect gravel bike wheelset.

Mountain bike wheels

There is not any component that has a bigger impact on performance than mountain bike wheels when it comes to riding off-road. Your wheels are your link to the road and having the set can give you more control, better efficiency, and rugged durability. We carry a large selection of mountain bike wheels–in many diameters, widths, materials, and designs–so you can get the perfect MTB wheels here in a short time.

Navigating the wheel choices can seem like a daunting task, so it’s best to narrow down your choices.

First, what’s your wheel size?

We carry 29er and 27.5er wheelsets.

Second, what sort of brakes are you currently using?

If you’re riding a mountain bike, chances are it’s disc brakes as opposed to rim brakes. From there it’s time to think about rim types. Width is important also, with the trend moving toward rim diameters. The rim width affects the shape of an inflated tire, giving more air volume for better traction and stability to it.

Track bike wheels

Fixed gear wheels or track bike wheels are for racing in a track, bike brakes that are optimized. Unlike road bike wheels, the gearing for track bike wheels, in the shape of a track sprocket, is screwed or bolted directly to the hub. When the wheel turns, the pedals turn in the exact same direction which allows a cyclist to ride in reverse, and also to stop by resisting the rotation of the cranks.

Carbon fat bike wheelset

To choose a perfect pair of carbon fat bike wheels can’t be easier with Rinasclta. With selected components, you will pick up the ideas includes the width of rims, depth of rims, hubs, spokes, and even customized paintings if you want to have something special on your fat bike.