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The frame is the soul of the bike, and a good bike frame must meet the three conditions of lightweight, enough strength, and high rigidity.

  • Lighter weight means less effort to ride faster.
  • High strength means that the body will not be in danger of breaking and bending under high-intensity riding.
  • High rigidity means that the frame should be hard enough, too low will make the rider pedal up with the feeling of the car dragging weight.

In commercially available bikes, the frame materials that can meet the above criteria for a good frame are aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium, and alloy steel.

  1. The ride quality of aluminum belongs to the sensitivity and light, high rigidity, the disadvantage is poor comfort.
  2. The characteristics of carbon fiber are more flexible, stable ride, good long-distance cruising, and high comfort.
  3. The characteristics of titanium alloy are very similar to the combination of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, it can have an elasticity similar to carbon fiber and can enjoy the lightness and rigidity of aluminum alloy, the disadvantage is that it is expensive.
  4. Steel is the most traditional frame material for bicycles. Modern multi-alloy steel can be very effective in terms of rigidity, elasticity, drivability, and stability, but the disadvantage is that it is very heavy.

Carbon Road Bike Frames

Road racing is one of the most well-known categories in biking. Audiences of famous tour events in Europe and the US have grown rapidly year by year.

For beginners, it’s better to update your frame to carbon fiber first, you could feel the huge difference between alu/steel and carbon.

Aerodynamic, lightweight, disc brake, triathlon, fixie, cyclo-cross, gravel, any frames you need, we are producing here.

Carbon Mountain Bike Frames

Mountain biking (MTB) is another super exciting category, for people who like to explore adventure in the wild mountain, forest, long term travel and etc.

Carbon hardtail mountain bike frame is perfect for beginners, who want to ride off road without suspension requirements. A carbon mtb frame could help on the weight and stiffness of the bike, and that’s the key for biking.

Carbon suspension mountain bike frame is designed for pros who downhill a lot, with more professional skills and compete in racing events. Full suspension carbon frame will boost your performance, absorb shocks and offer you more possibilities in your racing.

Carbon Fat Bike Frames

Fatbike is more and more popular in off-road, beach and winter. With fat tires you could ride almost anywhere you want without hesitations.

Nowadays, the technology of carbon fatbike frame is born from the mountain bike, so our frames are well-designed and stiff enough for your bike.