Rinasclta’s Select


Rinasclta Bike proudly introduces the “Rinasclta’s Select” program, a meticulously curated initiative designed to elevate the cycling experience for our discerning clientele. As a renowned carbon fiber bike manufacturer based in China, we understand the quest for high-quality, cost-efficient cycling components. Through this exclusive program, we handpick a select assortment of premium Chinese bike and bike parts brands that align with our commitment to excellence and value. “Rinasclta’s Select” is more than a collection; it’s a testament to the superior quality and innovation that Made in China bike products can offer.

The selection process for the “Rinasclta’s Select” program is rigorous and thoughtful. We engage directly with the owners of potential brands, assessing their products, manufacturing processes, and brand ethos to ensure they meet our high standards. This direct communication allows us to gain a deep understanding of each brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. Only those that demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship, reliability, and a shared vision for excellence are invited to join.

A key advantage of the “Rinasclta’s Select” program is the provision of European and USA inventory for the selected brands. This strategic approach not only significantly reduces delivery times but also eliminates additional taxes for our clients. It’s a seamless solution that brings the best of Chinese cycling innovation directly to your doorstep, without the usual logistical challenges.

We stand behind the quality of each brand within the “Rinasclta’s Select” program by offering the same warranty provided by the brand itself. This commitment reflects our confidence in the selected products and our dedication to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

The “Rinasclta’s Select” program is emblematic of our pride in showcasing high-quality Made in China bikes and accessories. It’s an exclusive opportunity for our clients to access a vetted selection of the finest cycling components, backed by Rinasclta Bike’s reputation for excellence and a commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Join us in experiencing the pinnacle of Chinese cycling craftsmanship, brought to you through the “Rinasclta’s Select” program.

Rinasclta's Select Program

OG-EVKIN stands as a beacon of innovation and quality in the world of cycling, firmly established as an exclusive Aliexpress Plus seller since July 15, 2012. Rooted in the technological hub of Shenzhen, China, OG-EVKIN has carved its niche as a revered Chinese premium carbon fiber bike brand. Specializing in a comprehensive array of cycling products, from high-end carbon fiber and titanium bike stems, handlebars, mountain and road bike frames, to wheels, hubs, and a plethora of bike parts and accessories, OG-EVKIN caters to every cyclist’s need. The brand’s portfolio extends to multifunctional tools and essential bike components such as chains, derailleurs, spacers, quick releases, seat posts, saddles, clamps, bottom brackets, pedals, headsets, and forks, alongside an array of bike accessories including adapters, pads, bottle holders, computer mounts, grips, tape, and eyewear.

Renowned as one of the most prestigious Chinese bike brands on Aliexpress, OG-EVKIN boasts inventories strategically located in Europe, China, and the USA, ensuring a global reach and the ability to provide fast, free delivery. This logistical prowess, combined with a commitment to bypassing extraneous taxes, positions OG-EVKIN as a leader in both accessibility and affordability.

Rinasclta Bike’s selection of OG-EVKIN as the inaugural brand for its exclusive “Rinasclta’s Select” program underscores a shared vision for excellence and diversity in cycling options. This collaboration aims to offer clients an expansive selection of bike types and affordable parts, facilitating the personal assembly of bespoke bicycles.

Clients are invited to trust in OG-EVKIN not only for its celebrated standing and pioneering presence on Aliexpress but also for its unwavering dedication to quality. With guarantees of quality, inventories in Europe and the USA, and a promise of fast, tax-free delivery, OG-EVKIN emerges as the quintessential choice for cyclists who demand excellence, variety, and value in their pursuit of the perfect ride.