Cycling Calories Calculator

Cycling Calories Calculator: How many calories does cycling burn?

The number of calories burned biking can vary from 290 to 1176 calories per hour(by using the bicycling METs method) depending on factors like intensity, body weight, terrain, individual fitness levels, heart rate, age, and gender. If you are looking for a general exercise biking calories burned number, use our cycling calories calculator based on […]

Cycling for weight loss

Cycling for weight loss: how much can you lose and how to lose weight

Cycling is among the most popular and effective low-impact cardio and aerobic workouts to lose weight. Riding a bike increases muscle strength, improves joint mobility, boosts the immune system, and helps to fight against cardiovascular diseases. An individual weighing 154 lbs(70 kg) can lose between 0.56 to 2.24 lbs(0.25 to 1.02 kg) in one week […]

What muscles does cycling work

What muscles does cycling work: in different types, pain and injury, how to build cycling muscles

Muscles that cycling works are primarily lower body muscles including quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, gluteus maximus, soleus and gastrocnemius (calf and shin muscles), which are the most important muscles for cycling. But cycling is a low-impact and comprehensive full-body workout that involves almost all muscle groups in the body including core muscles and upper body […]