Are Electric Bikes Good for Bad Knees?

Are Electric Bikes Good for Bad Knees or not, it actually relies on which way you use this type of bike. To get details about the query, read the text below.

Exercising with bad knees is a bit difficult as you can’t move your leg randomly. That doesn’t mean that you’ll stay away from working out with knee pain. You just need to sort out the equipment that will be convenient for you to use while you are suffering from knee injuries. In that case, Electric Bikes can be the best preference. Because these are contemplated as low-impact exercise tools. 

Electric Bikes play a significant role in improving leg muscles and reducing muscle soreness. Exercise bike riding for a certain period of time helps alleviate the duration of getting rid of bad knees. Though Electric Bikes confer some incredible benefits, even then we are oftentimes asked Are Electric Bikes Good for Bad Knees? If we answer the question in a word, then it would be “Yes” it is. 

As we mentioned, Electric Bikes are low-impact exercise tools. That means, when you do bike riding, it creates less pressure on your knee joints and keeps you safe from getting injured. Besides, it reduces Knee Arthritis that you are suffering from for a long time. 

Are Electric Bikes Good for Bad Knees

It’s not possible to do all types of exercises with bad knees, thus you have to do the exercise that generates less pressure on your sensitive knees. In these circumstances, Electric Bikes can be the best selection. According to some specialists “150 minutes bike riding in a week can aid you in relieving knee injuries”. 

Why are Electric Bikes good for bad knees? A question may emerge, right?  Well, as stated by Dr. Jeffrey Shroyer, “ Cycling Is Low-Impact Exercise”. It indicates, working out with electric bikes puts up less stress on weight-bearing joints that include the hip, knees, and feet. Research shows that “People with Arthritic Knees can do cycling with low-intensity that is very effective”. 

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When you use an Electric bike with your bad knees, try to do it at lower gears that will prevent burden on your legs. Electric Bikes help you in muscle strengthening. It not only does a good range of motion at the knee or hip but also fortifies quadricep muscles. Whatever, after all the discussion, we hope you have got a clear idea about whether Electric Bikes are good for bad knees or not.

Tips to Keep Your Knees Safe When Riding Electric Bikes

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The majority of electric bike riders don’t know how to keep their knees safe when riding Electric bikes. As a result, they hurt their knees and get a misconception that Electric bike is not good for bad knees. By the way, here we’ll demonstrate some tips and tricks that will protect you from any kind of harm when using electrical bikes.

Proper Warm-Up

“Proper Warm-up(Exercise) Key” has been quoted by Dale Lindsay, an American Football coach. It is suggested to have an appropriate warm-up session before doing exercise. Riding on a bike is also one of the prominent exercises that helps your body in several ways.  

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To safeguard your knees from occurring damage on your previous injury, you should maintain a regular warm-up routine. 5 minutes of warming up before exercise helps your body in grabbing more oxygen and develops your Anaerobic metabolism. Besides, your joints become more efficient.

Fix Your Saddle High Appropriately

Getting bike proportions that suit you is one of the most elementary aspects that aids in abating knee pain. In that case, the prominent issue adds up to balancing the saddle height to make sure that it is the best suited for you. For example, setting up a saddle that is too high or too low can impact the knee banding when the pedal is imposed on. 

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It is suggested by some experts that, “ The paddle should be suited up one’s knee moderately past a 45-degree angle at the head of the stroke and depart a slight bend in your knees on either side of the stroke”. 

Suitable Ride Position

A major portion of riders doesn’t perceive the importance of having a good position while riding on electric bikes. They bend their knees and don’t place their hands and arms very well. These types of poor riding postures are destructive for your bad knees. Suggesting a good riding position is a bit difficult as different people have their respective preferences. However, there are some tips to have a good position in Riding Electric bikes. 

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  1. Position your shoulder down, because keeping your shoulder in a high position can be the reason for painful stress. 
  2. Make sure that your elbows are slightly bent and never keep it straight or too bent. 
  3. Keep you back straight but not barred. Positioning our background can cause several problems. 
  4. Don’t allow your knees to collapse downward as Knee collapse is a typical phenomenon during biking.

Hold a Perfect Core Strength 

Possessing incredible core strength is a bit critical. Due to the lack of good strength, paddling on electric bikes can result in several injuries including knee pain. That’s why it’s necessary to work on all body muscles, individually the leg ones. Working out on a daily basis can make your leg muscles strong that support and maintain the equilibrium of your knees. In addition, core strength is beneficial for keeping your body strong and relieving you from knees ache.

Ride Your Bike At Decent Speed

It is indispensable to keep the speed of your electric bike while riding. For Instance, we can mention the Himalow E-bikes name as the speed of them is fairly moderate.  Which allows you to control goo motion as you pile up your knees and legs. A group of experts states that “Cycling Under 60 revolution in a minute can be hazardous health-wise”. They prefer pedaling above 80 revolutions every minute.

Have Elastic Therapeutic Tape While Cycling

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Elastic Therapeutic Tape is one of the most beneficial tools for bad knees. It is developed to imitate the elasticity of your skin that can be utilized in your range of motion. Therapeutic tape is a medical-grade tape that is water-resistant and can last up to 5 days. Bikers can use these amazing tapes, especially those who have been suffering from knee injuries to avoid major injuries in the same place. 

Final Verdict

We hope you have got your answer to the query: Are Electric Bikes Good for Bad Knees? Electric bikes are undoubtedly a perfect selection for bad knees as these are low-impact exercise tools. Pedaling on electric bikes reduces the muscle’s stiffness and makes them strong. As these types of bikes put up comparatively less stress, your injured knees don’t get hurt. 

However, though electric Bikes are good for bad knees, you have to maintain some important things to keep your knees safe while riding. In the above, we have stated some of the tips that will guide you on what to do and what not to do while riding on Electric Bikes. However, if you have any queries related to the topic, put your comments below.


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