How to Choose a Good Quality Exercise Bike

A lot of people are now learning to love fitness more than ever because they finally see the value of having good health. With this comes a consciousness of what they eat, how much time they spend for rest, and the amount of physical activity they put themselves in. While some people prefer taking walks or running outdoors, there are those who want to save time by getting good exercise bikes if you are a person who aims to start taking charge of your health but does not have the luxury of time to schedule physical activities alongside work and other responsibilities, getting a quality exercise bike can be the best choice.

A Guide to Getting Quality Exercise Bikes

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We all know that shopping for good exercise bikes can be a challenge because of the numerous options available in the market. So, we have decided to make it easier for you by laying out a couple of useful considerations to think about before purchasing one.

Personalization and Adjustability

Not all exercise bikes are the same; some come in bigger sizes while others come in smaller variants. It is important to get a perfect fit for your build and structure. Always check out the options that are made for your height, weight, and build. Check for features that let you adjust the height or positions in case you have somebody changes or mobility restrictions in the future. With this comes the part where you check the weight of the bike and its weight capacity. You should go for a bike that is heavy enough to provide you the stability and balance you need while using it. It is also critical that you make sure you fall within its weight capacity, as getting one that falls lower than your actual body weight can be ineffective and dangerous for you too.


Apart from making sure your muscles are strengthened, your heart is well pumped, endurance improved, and calories are burnt, you will want an exercise bike that has a good interface. Make sure you go for one that has a screen size that makes it comfortable for you to read what is in it. You also want to go for an exercise bike that shows you your exercise speed, heart rate, bike resistance, calories burned, revolutions per minute, distance, and time. By having all these available for your analysis, you will be able to track your progress regularly.

Decreased Risks and Improved Safety

One of the things you must consider when riding a bike is your safety while you use it. Apart from that, it would help if you also guaranteed that it is safe for those around you. When your bike is assembled, you must make sure that all the parts are correctly screwed, and that the quality of its features is durable and of good value enough not to fall off anytime or after a couple of uses. Having kids around pieces that have fallen off from the bike risks them choking or hurting themselves, not to mention the chances of them putting their delicate hands in areas that may harm them.

Bike Type

People buy exercise bikes for different reasons. Cyclists sometimes use exercise bikes to step up their game, some use them to lose weight, and some to stay active while on recovery. Before you go ahead and buy the bike, think about why you want an exercise bike in the first place. Manufacturers create different types of exercise bikes for specific reasons, including weight loss, event training, HIIT training, gym training, injury recovery, and low-impact workouts. Knowing your purpose will take you closer to getting the perfect type of bike for your needs.

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Level of Noise

We all know that exercise bikes have different areas that work together to bring you the experience you want. However, all these can sometimes work too loudly. It may be because of its air resistance, pedals, and other parts; regardless, you will want to consider the amount of noise the bike produces. Think about how it will affect you when you use the bike while watching movies, reading books, or talking with someone. Take it for good test drive and see how much noise it will make. If you are purchasing online, you can check out reviews from previous customers.

Bike Features

Everybody wants to have extras on their bikes. Some exercise bikes come with monitors, dumbbells and holders for them, water bottle holders, and specialized clips for shoes. While these may seem like a trivial case to some, it is of great value to be able to snatch your water bottle anytime you feel the need to quench your thirst. It is also good to have dumbbells within reach anytime so you can also put your arms in motion and have them toned while you work your legs out.


The thought of getting a new exercise bike can give you so much thrill and excitement that you may forget another important factor that you have to consider – warranty. Among the numerous bike options available in the market, having manufacturers that produce low-quality bikes is inevitable. Therefore, safeguarding your hard-earned money comes at the top of your list. Make sure to go for brands that offer at least two to three years of warranty or coverage and some labor. You will want to look for one that provides service for the frame, parts, and labor for it too.


An exercise bike is an innovation that has brought fitness within everyone’s reach. The fact that different models are sold in varied price ranges makes good health achievable for everybody. Looking for the right one to purchase can be difficult, but by considering all the factors we mentioned earlier, you get directed to the path of finding the most suitable exercise bike for you. It is also good to do your own research and stick with the most reputable brands. Reading reviews and comments from their previous customers might give you an idea of how the bikes are in real life.

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